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Misguided Studios started out as a team of gaming enthusiasts and Mixer streamers who love to share their gaming ideas and favorite games with the world. As an informative group, we discussed what we liked and didn't like in games, the latest trends and marketing tactics that we despised, and, most importantly, the problems that have been slowly creeping into the gaming industry recently. With over-hyped early access games, planned dlcs leaked on release day, and micro-transactions becoming the industry norm, we agreed the gaming industry was beginning to fall away from their glory days. We were tired of consistently being let down by unfulfilled promises, lazy story writing, and lackluster maintenance. We didn't want to continue paying $60 price tags for games with $30 content. We felt that the gaming industry was failing us as gamers and as streamers alike. We wanted change. We wanted to reinvigorate the gaming industry. We wanted to make our own games. Therefore, we grouped together and formed Misguided Studios.

But...how can a small indie group bring back life into the gaming industry? Our answer is simple - with one innovative step at a time. In the words of Vincent Van Gogh, "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together," and we couldn't agree more. Our goal isn't to change the industry over night by releasing a one hit wonder. Instead, our aim is to create a series of games, big or small, that not only illustrates our growth as an indie developer, but also elevates the standards that have been set by AAA developers. Furthermore, we want to expand the streamer community by developing games that make streams more interactive for the viewers. Watching streams is fun, but what if you could dictate the actions the streamer takes via polls? What if your decision greatly impacts the events the streamer experiences? These are questions we will strive to answer within our games. We want to make something that not only raises the bar for gamers but for streamers as well.

Are you interested in seeing our current project or ideas for future projects? Click here to find out more!